Private Applicator License

Here is a list of current/known/planned educational events throughout our region that will provide CEU’s.

January 2024

January 23 — Top of Texas Ag Conference – Pampa (Gray, Carson, Armstrong, Wheeler)

January 24 — Randall Pre-plant Producer Meeting – Canyon (Randall)

January 24 — Building Back Beef Conference – Dumas (Moore, Potter, Oldham, Dallam, Hutchinson)

January 25 — NW Panhandle Crops Conference – Dumas (Dallam, Moore, Sherman, Hartley)

January 25 — Caprock Crops Conference – Muncy (Floyd/Crosby)

January 26 — Tri County Ag Conference – Bovina (Parmer/Lamb/Bailey)

January 29 – Ag Mastermind – Plainview (Hale)

February 2024

February 6 — NW Panhandle Crops Conference – Dalhart (Dallam, Hartley, Moore, Sherman)

February 7 — Sandyland Crops Conference – Seminole (Gaines)

February 8 — Hub of the Plains Crops Conference – Lubbock (Lubbock)

February 12 – Lunch and Livestock – Dalhart (Dallam)

February 13 — Dryland Crops Conference – Perryton (Ochiltree, Lipscomb, Hansford)

February 15 – Pesticide Applicators Training 1-4p (to obtain TDA license) – Levelland (Hockley) Call 806 894-3159 24 hrs in advance to register, $65 fee.

February 26 — Oldham Crops Conference – Vega (Oldham)

February 27 — Spring Mini Ag Conference (Carson, Armstrong)

February 28 – Lamb/Crosby Ag Conference (Olton)

February 29 – Auxin Herbicide Required Training 9-10a – Levelland (Hockley) Call 806 894-3159 24 hrs in advance to register, $10 fee.

February 29 — Llano Estacado Cotton Conference – Muleshoe (Bailey, Parmer)

February 29 – On-line AgriLife Beef Program – TEAMS Adding value to your calf crop.

March 2024

March 5 — Beef Technology Program – Vega (Oldham/Potter/Moore)

March 7 – Crops Conference – Brownfield (Terry/Yoakum)

March 14 – Pesticide Applicators Training 1-4p (to obtain TDA license) – Levelland (Hockley) Call 806 894-3159 24 hrs in advance to register, $65 fee.

March 20 — Castro County Crops Conference — Dimmit (Castro)

March 20 — Growing Forages Program – Lipscomb (Lipscomb, Ochiltree, Hansford)

March 21 – Auxin Herbicide Required Training 9-10a – Levelland (Hockley) Call 806 894-3159 24 hrs in advance to register, $10 fee.

March 26 a.m. — Gardening Clinic – Claude (Armstrong/Carson)

March 26 p.m. — Gardening Clinic – Borger (Hutchinson/Gray)

April 2024

April 2 — Mitchell County Spring Ag Conference (Mitchell)

April 3 — Lower Rolling Plains Ag Conference (Scurry/Mitchell/Nolan/Garza)

April 18 — Hall/Donley Beef Cattle Conference (Hall, Donley)

April 23-24 — Hemphill County Beef Conference (Hemphill)

April 30 – AgriLife On-line Beef Program – Mineral supplementation programs

May 2024

May 1 — Cow Size and EPD’s (Lipscomb, Ochiltree, Hansford)

May 21 — Wheatheart Wheat Field Day (Ochiltree, Lipscomb, Hansford)

July 2024

July 16 — Fall Preparation Garden Clinic (Hutchinson)

August 2024

August 8 — Wheatheart Wheat Conference (Ochiltree, Lipscomb, Hansford)

August 14 — Feed Grains Conference (Gray, Carson, Armstrong)

August 27 — Randall Crops Tour (Randall)

September 2024

September 9 — Hemphill Mini Ag Conference (Hemphill)

December 2024

December 17 — Randall Estate Planning Workshop (Randall)

For more contact the Extension office located in the respective counties listed.


Step 1: Complete a Private Pesticide Applicator training session FIRST. Contact your county Texas A&M AgriLife Extension office for training opportunities.
o    You may purchase training materials from certain County Extension Offices, via mail in order form (PA-1405) at, or call (979) 845-3849 and we can take you order over the phone with a Master Card or Visa.

o  You can obtain your Private Pesticide Applicator training session from your County Extension Agent, or you can obtain the training online for $100 by registering here.

Step 2: Upon completion of the training, a Training Verification form (D-1411) will be provided to the applicant (form provided by County Extension Agent or trainer).
o    Applicants should keep the yellow copy for their records.
o    The white copy (original) should be mailed to the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) with the Private Pesticide Applicator license application form (PA-400P).

Step 3: The applicant needs to obtain a hard copy of the Private Pesticide Applicator license application form (PA-400P) from TDA, or by clicking the link. (Website: or Phone: 1-800-835-5832 or 512-463-7622).

Step 4: Submit the completed Private Pesticide Applicator application form (PA-400P), license fee of $100, and the white (original) copy of the Training Verification form (D-1411) to TDA for processing.

Step 5: When the license application is accepted, TDA will send the applicant a letter in the mail with their Account Number. This Account Number is the number the applicator will use to register and schedule the Private applicator exam with PSI

Step 6: Applicants can go to or call 1-800-733-9267 to schedule an exam at one of 22 locations around the state.  PSI staff cannot provide licensing advice or information.
o    A Pesticide Licensing Examination Candidate Information Bulletin is provided at the PSI website to assist the applicant with the exam scheduling process.
o    The private applicator will pay $64 per exam.
o    There is a 24 hour waiting period to take a repeat exam.
o    PSI will provide a confirmation number and testing location information.

Step 7: Upon completion of the exam, the testing center will provide test results immediately. A passing grade is 70% or higher.

Step 8: PSI will send exam scores to TDA daily. If all licensing criteria are met, TDA will issue the license.

Important: If an applicant has any questions about licensing or exam categories, please contact TDA at 1-800-835-5832 or 512-463-7622.  Texas Department of Agriculture – Agriculture Pesticide Program | P.O. Box 12847, Austin, TX 78711 | phone 800-TELL-TDA.

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